I'll tell you about the mermaid

I’ll Tell You about the Mermaid 2016

Single channel HD video 15 minutes

Twelve women are asked to choose a setting and, in that place, to perform an expression of their subjectivity – their experience of ‘being’ a woman. The performance is documented. Each woman is asked to explain why she chose that location and to present herself in that manner: accounts are recorded and transcribed. Themes are identified, gathered and spun into a thread which links these fragments of stories, untangling contradiction and knotting around the unspoken. The women’s words, their harmonies and dissonances, are given voice against the sounds and images of the site of each of the twelve, unseen, performances. Together their contributions invite the viewer to consider what female subjectivity means today to different individuals; how we construct our identity and self-conception, and what our subjectivity has the potential to become.